In 1990, Hua sheng furniture company was founded in town of white city industrial park, houjie town, dongguan city, only more than 20 employees at the time of hard struggle, pioneering a new epoch in hua sheng furniture co., LTD.
In 1995, Hua sheng furniture company new production base, covers an area of about 6000 square meters, at the same time set up shunde music from the brand stores mall.
Professional furniture shi caihang, established in 1998, the introduction of high-end stone machinery and equipment.
In 2001, Hua sheng furniture company again expansion of production base, covers an area of 25000 square meters, owns professional furniture production line and all kinds of talents, at the same time, the product sells in distant markets overseas.
2004 construction workers of apartment buildings, add staff entertainment venues, to provide staff a harmonious, happy, healthy life environment.
In 2008, Introduced the German woodworking machinery equipment, a new sofa series products, continuously exceed customer expectations and to renew the idea of product research and development to fend off the global financial storm, finally in exploiting and under the guidance of chairman, diligent, success through the financial storm.
In 2009, Hua sheng furniture company is a comprehensive import CIS system, implement standardized management and production, and to undertake hotels, clubs, villas and other supporting lives in a project.
In 2010, New no. 2 production base, covers an area of 30000 square meters, set up two hua sheng furniture factory, the development of the domestic market and expand comprehensive strategy.
Domestic marketing center, established in 2011, the new American museum, covering an area of about 5000 square meters, building industry leader in American furniture.